Qafqaz Rıversıde Resort Hotel


Located in the Caucasus Mountains, our hotel has 5 King Suite Rooms, 4
Duplex Suite Rooms, 18 Junior Suite Rooms and 96 Standard Rooms. It has a
closed area of 13.000 m2. It is a facility project established on 50 acres of land.
The complex has an indoor and outdoor pool, a spa and beauty salon, 3
restaurants and a disco. In the disco building in the hotel area, it is possible to
capture the lines of traditional architecture and modern architecture. With the
disco design, entertainment opportunities were provided to hotel users. Our
hotel design, which offers maximum comfort and magnificent nature in a
harmonious way, also includes 38 villas, offering customers different
accommodation options. All plants in the landscape area were supplied from
Italy and a special green area texture was created.


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