35 years of experience

Our production strategy reflects our originality in all of our projects

"In carpentry, frames, upholstery and polish production halls We have been offering the best products with the highest quality materials for 35 years."




Carpentry forms the frames of furniture production and headed, it is an art per se. First class in all kinds of wood and ready materials, we never compromise with our quality.



The frames production for upholstery groups is made completely by us. which is the most used products in furniture regarding that durability is always at the forefront



One of the most used products in living spaces, the reson that we use 40 DNS HR for sponge we use in flooring groups which reflects a higher period of permanence
and as always we never compromising on quality and comfort in all materials,



Polishing process is important for the furniture to show itself in the best possible way.
it is so important element in manufacturing thats our reson to use Italian and europian polish, polyester and varnish materials so we can reach a smoother surfaces.